Nelson's home for injured native wildlife

Harrier hawk

Harrier hawk

We treat more than 150 native birds a year in our hospital! Each individual is given a health evaluation, and rehabilitated until strong enough to survive without assistance. Not all animals are able to recover, unfortunately, and we only release those that are back to full fitness and health. We partner with Halifax Veterinary Centre for the specialist care our natives require.

What should you do if you find an injured animal in need?

Only capture the bird if you can do so safely.

Bring the animal to your closest veterinarian. They will assess the animal, and then contact us. Once we receive the animal from the veterinarians, we assume all care and treatment needs for the birds until they are able to be released, if they are releasable.

Taking care of native birds requires a special permit from the Department of Conservation, and knowledge of the unique dietary, behavioural, and medical needs of injured native wildlife.