Here at Natureland students and groups have a safe and welcoming environment to explore and learn. Our facilities include a covered space, picnic tables, and grass lawns for spreading out on sunny days. We encourage students to enjoy the zoo grounds and make the most of the experience. 


We offer a variety of learning sessions to fit with the topic and age of your class – From year one, to NCEA biology. Take part in a learning session below…

Learning Sessions for all Years:

Caring for Animals
What do animals need to stay happy and healthy?

Animal Classes
Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, and Invertebrates: How do we group the world’s amazing creatures? Can you find them all within Natureland?

  Animal Adaptations
How are animals built to survive?

 Conservation Connection
What are we doing, and what more can we do to protect New Zealand’s unique wildlife?

  Beautiful Bugs
Meet some of Natureland’s own invertebrates up-close. Learn about the smaller residents of our world, and why every animal – big and small – relies on them.

  Animal Enrichment
Learn, design, and build Natureland’s animal enrichment, and watch our animals interact with it.

  Unique New Zealand
Meet our local celebrities, and learn about why they are so different to those from all other places.

NCEA Specific Learning Sessions:

Focusing on relevant ideas and terminology to speciation for NCEA level 3.

Animal Behaviour
Focusing on relevant ideas and terminology to animal behaviour (adaptive advantages) for NCEA level 3.

…Or feel free to ask for a specific topic, and we would be happy to discuss options for your next visit. 

We recommend you plan to spend at least two hours for a visit. You may also want to include self-guided time in the afternoon.


Entrance costs for school groups are considerably discounted, but must be booked in advance to receive the prices and secure our educator. 

$4.00 per student

1 adult per 10 students free, any additional adults are $8.00 each. 


To book, please email our educator at

Bookings are essential and we recommend you book as early as possible to ensure your preferred date and time is available. Education courses are available any week day from 9:30-2:00. 

There is no limit on the number of students in a visiting school group as long as you book in advance so we can plan appropriately for the group size.