Natureland Wildlife Trust is a community focused conservation charity. 

We are a registered charity (#49944) that was founded in 2013 to take over operations of Natureland Zoo in a time of need. As a non-profit and an NGO (non-governmental organisation), we exist to be a community hub to connect people, places, and animals.  

Saving wildlife is a team effort, and our staff would like to you to join us as we work to save species. You can donate, volunteer, sponsor, or simply pay us a visit. See our "Get involved" page for more information. 

Our Trust Board

Alan Hinton (Chair)

Warren McLean

Darren Quirk

Stephen Standley

Meg Rutledge

As a charitable trust, we abide by our regulations as per the charities commission, and are responsible for the governance of the trust.  


Our Bright Future

Natureland Wildlife Trust's vision is to be a community based conservation organization. Natureland Wildlife Trust is proud to be a safe, affordable, and accessible place for families to engage with animals and bring the wild into Nelson. We hope that our space can be a platform for not only for our work, but also to share with you stories about the work that other people and groups are also doing to save wildlife.

No single organization can accomplish wildlife conservation all on its own. Natureland works with other members of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, Nelson City Council. the Department of Conservation, and our conservation partners to achieve great outcomes. 

Did you know that accredited zoos are the third largest contributors to global conservation projects? Natureland is proud to have the highest proportional impact for conservation of any accredited zoo in New Zealand. We are also growing into one of the most important sites for nature play in childrens' increasingly urban lifestyles.